Salad Making Machines Emerge

chowbotics_detail_sally (1)

A recent article highlighted the growing trend around AI and QSR experiences and here’s another one to add to the list. It’s called Sally and is categorized as a food service robot. Built by Chowbiotics, Inc, Sally is a salad making robot that uses about 20 different containers to prepare and serve over 1,000 different types of salads.

Ideally suited for restaurants in high violme scenario’s like airports, malls and cafeterias, Sally also helps consumers understand exactly how many calories they intake and the nutritional value of their meals. Sally can even recommend salad recipes based on your personal preferences.

Keep an eye out for Sally this spring.

Google’s Hardware Answer To Greater Collaboration


Google has recently introduced a new tool that blends workforce enablement and collaboration platforms inside a 55 inch touchscreen called Jamboard . It’s designed to bridge to gap between smart boards (white boards that record work) and teleconferencing systems. The design is simple, approachable and easy enough apparently to use offering a highly adaptive touchscreen with a combination of management tools (stylus, eraser and pens) to facilitate any session.

Users can leverage all of the great software google provides, move items around the screens, pinch, zoom everything a tablet can do.  Even better, every machine has a short code that can be shared to make it super easy to join and collaborate (similar to blue jeans, but tied to the entire experience)

Cost…not completely cheap…~$5,000, plus an annual fee, but frankly that’s a much bargain than many comparable solutions and given Google’s free software integration.