Here’s an interesting new business focused removing the hassle and annoyance  of auto repairs. Getting your car evaluated and fixed is time consuming and somewhat unnerving if you have an older vehicle which no longer is covered by warranties, etc.

Wrench, a Seattle based startup, is looking to radically change that model with the introduction of a home service delivery model. Wrench is a mobile based experience that allows consumers to book tune ups, schedule repairs (reasonable ones) and or refers you to an approved network of partners for more in depth needs (e.g. transmission, exhaust.) They are also rolling out a subscription model for regular maintenance.

With 17.5 Million cars purchased last year alone, there is a steady stream of repairs to be made for decades to come. And it’s a huge pain point for owners (think managing supply & demand a la Uber.) Wrench will control the owner experience, the service quality assurance and provide guaranteed satisfaction before paying the bill.

As consumers move to self-driving vehicles…they will need repair to so Wrench could have a sustainable position for years to come.

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