In today’s world, just about everything can be produced and delivered through a vending machine. Whether its hot soup, cool beverages, or your favorite tech products. You can find machines on every corner and available generally 24/7. Full small frequent purchases the experience is ideal, however would you be interested in a $20,000 car being delivered to you in the same manner?

Carvana, an emerging eCommerce company focused on used vehicles, is seeking to radically rethink how people buy used cars. The best example is a full size, automated vehicle delivery experience that, you guessed it, will vend your vehicle for you. Imagine a fully automated experience that creates a entertaining and exciting “new car” purchase feeling on a used vehicle. 

Consumers go online, select from ~8,000 used cars, complete financing and purchase and can request to have the car dropped in their driveway or agree to visit a full size vending experience at one of the firm’s distribution centers (e.g. Austin, Tx or Nashville). Carvana will throw in a $200 voucher for airfare and offers free rides from the airport to their dealership. Upon arrival, consumers simply insert a special coin they received in advance, and the machine goes to work, finding and pulling their vehicle from inventory and delivering in front of their very eyes.  

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