Drone’s have become an increasingly common and unfortunately dangerous. They have great potential (as it has been demonstrated numerous ways) to potentially to interfere (e.g. aviation) and or inflict harm on others (e.g. warfare) As everyone looks to grapple with how best to manage policies and regulations around drones, we are innovation take hold also seeing an emerging trend for dealing with nuisance drone operators who insist on filming just about everything.

In Wuhun, China, drones have become a daily scenario and the police have decided to take matters into their own hands by arming the department with 20 drone jamming rifles capable of blowing these technology marvels right out of the ski.   Well not entirely not true, they do force the drones to land by jamming the flight instruction controls which sends the drone into auto land mode. These ominous looking weapons costs an average of $36,000 USD and have a range capability of just over 1/2 a mile.

China, along with countries around the global, is moving quickly to establish formal regulations (versus just banning outright) around one’s ability to procure and fly large-scale devices  Like autonomous cars, the technology is welcomed, but must be implemented safely to ensure the lives of those around them




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