Every want to sound like you know what you’re talking about? More importantly, ever want to understand what someone else is talking about? Well good news…there is a new learning tool to demystify what the complex terms like IP Address, Protocols and Flux Capacitor mean. It’s a new site called the Sideways Dictionary and it’s being brought to use by the world information organization engine, Google. It’s brilliant in its simplicity….it uses everyday analogies to explain jargon.

The site is apparently a collaboration between Google’s incubator company called JigSaw and the Washington Post and is simply designed to be an open source dictionary for all technology terms. For many it can be a blessing…we’ve all been there, hearing a term that was unfamiliar, and spending the entire time trying to tease out its meaning from the ongoing conversation.  This is increasingly complex as technology is creating its own language.

Simple example…”Encryption” is explained by the site as the process of sending a sealed envelope versus a post card. Unintended recipients cannot see the contents unless the crack the seal..known as the Encryption. Regardless of your technical acumen, you can certainly grasp the concept….well maybe if you are a young kid who has never seen a postcard.



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