Teenagers have become an complete enigma for generally the entire world. They communicate differently, value things differently and don’t mind boredom as it can always be solved by their mobile devices. Well…one thing they love is texting and with just about everyone. Will that translate to artificial intelligence? A new app, Hugging Face, looks to challenge that notion with an AI based chat bot that becomes your digital friend. This isn’t a normal chat bot experience, Hugging Face creates a virtual friend for you…a digital companion as you will. You can share selfies, ask questions and he/she will respond in a very conversational manner. It learns about you, your friends, and your family and tailors conversations in a variety of ways to humanize itself.  You can name your bot, you can help it decide of a profile picture and even make it smarter the more you exchange with it.

Will it become your new BFF, probably not. Will it occupy dead hours for teenagers who can’t stand being alone…possibly. You will see quickly….it changes and therefore stimulates curiosity to see what it will say next.

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