Google has recently introduced a new tool that blends workforce enablement and collaboration platforms inside a 55 inch touchscreen called Jamboard . It’s designed to bridge to gap between smart boards (white boards that record work) and teleconferencing systems. The design is simple, approachable and easy enough apparently to use offering a highly adaptive touchscreen with a combination of management tools (stylus, eraser and pens) to facilitate any session.

Users can leverage all of the great software google provides, move items around the screens, pinch, zoom everything a tablet can do.  Even better, every machine has a short code that can be shared to make it super easy to join and collaborate (similar to blue jeans, but tied to the entire experience)

Cost…not completely cheap…~$5,000, plus an annual fee, but frankly that’s a much bargain than many comparable solutions and given Google’s free software integration.

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