We have seen massive change in QSR experiences over the last 3 – 5 years, mostly focusing on improving speed, personalization capabilities and payment interactions. But QSR restaurants have been quietly building significant data businesses behind the scenes to power the next generation experiences and operational models. This week, we see the operational impacts of such pursuits with the introduction of an AI driven kitchen assistant called “Flippy.” This robotic assistant essentially takes the guess work out of cooking great patty’s by precisely monitoring cooking times (including flipping point) and managing a delivery from the griddle to the bun. Caliburgers in Pasadena, CA is the first to try out “Flippy” and is working with Miso Robotics to refine technology and explore other areas of the supply chain. Flippy apparently can cook mean fried chicken, cut veggies and plate.

You can quickly imagine a highly automated system developing that takes your order, initiates a delivery ticket and the supply chain of robots go to work on the preparation, packaging and delivery. That said…Flippy is designed to free up human productivity to improve the consumers dining experience…less time behind the grill, more time out in front of the counter making sure all is well with their guests.

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