Amazon continues to stream roll its way across the eCommerce landscape, causing many brands and manufacturers to question how relevant they will remain in the future. In the past 3 months alone, Amazon has rolled out some 50 private label products. As you can imagine, just about every space or vertical is ripe for a potential entry by Amazon and as they scale they manufacturing capabilities, the chance of massive disruption is great.

Most recently, Amazon is rolling our private label vitamins and supplements. These products have been sourced by various 3rd parties who have produced part or all of the product. Amazon has made it easy for consumers to learn information about the product by adding a simply QR code to the side of each bottle which links to just about every piece of information you would want.

Distribution will be a combination of ecommerce sales and the potential for shelves at Amazon Go to be stocked with private label products as well. As you can imagine, there is a lot Amazon could potentially stock and distribute without carrying the burden of regulations by OTC offerings.

More to come, but definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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