It’s known as the EHang 184 AAV …the AAV standing for “Autonomous Aerial Vehicle” and it was first debuted in CES 2016 with the promise of changing personal mobility forever. Well…reality may soon arrive over the skies of Dubai in July if the reports are correct.

We are talking about a drone on steroids using many of the principles that have made flying a Quad Copter so common place. That said…I think it will be your thrill seekers who will most likely want to be the first to experience pilot less travel. I would imagine for a price, they will have an opportunity to strap themselves into a single seat, electric pod capable to taking them to any GPS coordinate within about ~30 miles. Reality is you can’t go too far given the estimated top speed of 60 MPH and have a battery life of roughly 23 mins.

The EHang 184 is already being tested in Nevada in preparation.


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