https-%2f%2fblueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com%2fuploads%2fstory%2fthumbnail%2f37540%2f9662ed7a-e211-4442-8c1f-e57f1c677230Microsoft announced Project Sangam as part of its Future Decoded event in Mumbai. Sangam means “coming together” in Hindi which is the very notion of this initiative as it demonstrates the first commercial venture between Microsoft and LinkedIn, which it purchased for $26.2 Billion deal last year.

Microsoft has ambitions for fundamentally changing the way people look, train and interview for jobs in India, heavily focused on the high tech resource pool available now. Microsoft will allow users to enroll in the program by simply signing up for a Skype Lite account known as Aahaar. This is Microsoft’s revised version of Skype that is optimized for low bandwidth and lower costs phones.  Once they have established a profile, users will develop a basic background profile which will be automatically loaded into a LinkedIn profile.  User can now search for roles and see what expertise needed for various jobs. They can instantly access a variety of training and learning materials associated with those roles and take online courses (even downloadable for offline) for certification. If successful, they receive a virtual certification which is added to their profiles and immediately searchable.  When it’s time for an interview, the employer can simple request a video chat or call their private Aadhaar phone number.

It appears that Microsoft has applied machine learning to the exercise as well, building upon India’s centralized database of all citizens, to decipher best fits, given backgrounds, previous employment, expertise and beyond. Clearly, Microsoft is bridging the gap between what employers want and skills required to make a better future.

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