Samsung and its in house product development group C Lab seems to be lining a number of new hardware and software for announcements at Mobile World Congress. These additions appear to be focused on growing the use of AR & VR exponentially and making it more practical for our daily lives. They have invested significantly in the 1st generation gear platform and it appears we will begin (maybe) to see the potential for how these capabilities could be monetized.   Here are a couple of app launches expected over next few weeks:

“Monitorless” appears to build on the promise of Google glass by connecting your smartphone to a pair of sunglasses that can support both AR and VR experiences. Think of it as a second screen experience that has intelligence and interactions. Separately, the

“VulidUs” application will allow users to explore interior design by enabling them to see what furniture looks like placed around their house before they buy it. And lastly

“traVRer” is an app designed to allow users to experience 360-degree video before and after they take a trip. Travel, especially experience travel, has long been thought to be the next big thing in VR, allowing consumers to see and experience far off lands from the comfort of their own homes…looks like the future is arriving sooner than expected.


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