Elon Musk seems to be accelerating his SpaceX founded space flight company. On Sunday, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket gently floated to the earth after spending time in space launching an unmanned Dragon spacecraft towards the ISS (See Video Here). It only took approximately 8 minutes for the Falcon to do its job. This is the 8th successful recovery landing in recent times (3 on solid ground, 5 on drone ships based in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.) What’s exciting about today’s landing is that it is the first time Complex 39A was at Kennedy Space Center since the end of the space shuttle program, giving NASA and space enthusiasts hope for an exciting future. Remember pad 39A brought men to the moon and numerous shuttle takeoff’s, up until retirement of the program in 2011.

SpaceX is looking to revolutionize the commercial space industry by creating a fleet of rockets that can be reused versus being destroyed with each mission. This would radically change the costs and frequency of shipping all sorts of things into space. Buying test will come in March when the first reusable rocket will be tested. Be sure to follow @elonmusk for great updates about his innovation




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