Philips is getting into dental hygene with the introduction of its Philips FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrush line. These are not your average brushing devices, rather a smart devices that monitor 31,000 brush strokes per minute (the machine is doing the work don’t worry.) It looks for your patterns, coverages, amount of pressure and time spent per tooth to identify a 3 Dimensional report. And get this..the app (connected to device via Bluetooth) may instruct you to spend more time in certain areas and or even go back in for a touch up. All of this data is captured and can be synched with your dentist for review at your next check up.

Philips VP and General Manager of their Healthsuite Digital Platform initiative has a great way to summarize the move here for the company. He said ” We are moving from mainly a device-focused business to a health technology company focused on the health continuum of care and service.” This is what leading companies are doing to reposition their companies for the Digitial Era.

Expect to see more advancements in dentistry to the point where robotics may someday play a role in cleaning and surgery using historical data to optimize the experience.

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