AI is everywhere right now….with Alexa from Amazon dominating the headlines and use case scenarios reportedly touching every industry vertical coming out of CES this year. But not everyone wants to be owned by Amazon or Alexa, instead opting for major investments in hopes of owning their own destiny. Ford Motor Company, for example, reportedly invested $1 Billion dollars in the joint venture with Argo AI, based out of Pittsburg. The JV’s focus will be to accelerate Ford’s in delivering self driving vehicles that leverage AI to assist with everything from vehicle diagnostics, safety systems and self driving capabilities. You can expect them to also learn driving behaviors and offer connected commerce. Ford already launched their connected payment platform last year called “Ford Pass” although it provides little value to date.

Mark Fields, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company highlights the fact that Ford isn’t just an auto company, it is a mobility company…leaning into the fact that cars as we known them will fundamentally change over the coming decade and no longer be what we drive, but what we ride in.

Full announcement video can be found here

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